My father was the biggest influence when I was growing up, teaching me about health, fitness and nutrition from the age of six. Every day he took my brother and I out before and after school to work out and train for the different seasonal sports – baseball, wrestling, football, boxing, whatever was going. He introduced me to super food shakes and exposed me to good nutrition, to the point where leading a healthy and active lifestyle was ingrained in my DNA. I strived to be in top physical shape for any sport I was competing in and knew early on it was my calling to teach others how to be fit and healthy.

The next big motivator in my life was attending Colgate University, an exclusive, highly regarded college, where I played football for four years. I learned a ton in the weight room about movement, body and nutrition. My real focus was on achieving optimum health and getting into tip top physical shape in regard to aesthetics, rather than just getting bigger and bigger for performance in football. I went from weighing 235 pounds during my football years to gradually developing the body of a 180-pound lean ultra-athlete, using my own body to test biohacking and nutrition strategies that prove I am a living example of what I preach.

I studied Economics, then shortly after entered the corporate world working for a real estate investment trust in Cleveland, Ohio. During that time, I was completely obsessed with fitness and health, working out before and after work every day. I travelled extensively around the country and internationally, and when I was away the first thing I would always do was work out. When I went to dinner with CEOʼs and Presidents of companies I ate super healthy, lean food and never drank. These people were curious about my lifestyle and wanted to learn more about it. So even when I worked in the corporate world, I was still in the health and fitness realm. I taught people what I knew and helped them with fitness, running group workouts on the weekends with employees just for fun, because I loved doing it.

I could have stayed in the corporate world, living the high life, flying in private jets and earning a high income, but after five years my fake façade was not fulfilling me and my job was too sedentary. An opportunity came up to move to Scottsdale, Arizona and start a wine import and distribution company with a colleague from Colgate. I concurrently ran a fitness studio there and was a health coach to executives on the side. This was also when I got into running and hiking in the mountains and started competing in running mountain races. After three years, I sold my share of the wine import business to move to California and pursue my passion for health, fitness and vitality that initiated by running a fitness studio in Manhattan Beach. I also got into ultra-trail running, a rare and extreme sport involving 100-mile+ mountain racing, which I am still an active competitor.

I now dedicate all my time to optimizing people’s health. As an international speaker and researcher in the world of biohacking, life-extension, and vitality, I am constantly learning to implement new tactics, hacks, and health advancements in corporations around the globe. I am founder of the 28-day life-changing Dedicated Detox program which has helped thousands reset their daily habits and learn the most progressive metrics for longevity. I also co-own Beastie gym in Manhattan Beach where my focus is optimizing the fitness, mindset, and health of pro athletes, celebrities, and corporate training for CEOʼs, Presidents and Executives of companies. Some of my clients include tennis player, Maria Sharapova; Olympic champion swimmer Rebecca Soni; Ultra Athlete and founder of Vega, Brendan Brazier; pro NBA and MLS players; and various organizations such as Alo Yoga, lululemon, Quest Nutrition, 72andSunny, CBS Network Television, California Pizza Kitchen, Venum Fightwear, Kit & Ace, Nutrasumma, Proven Nutrition, and Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiners. 

I’m grateful for every experience because they have all been pieces of a puzzle that lead me to where I am today. I’ve lived and traveled across the country, been exposed to the corporate world, owned businesses, ran fitness studios, speak publicly around the globe, all in pursuit of personal inner fulfillment, which I have now achieved. My calling is to show others how to optimize their health and wellness to beyond the greatest level they think possible through biohacking their daily lifestyle and implementing new tactics to achieve greatness.


My purpose is to take people to the next level of mindset & fitness with regards to optimizing their overall wellbeing. Westernized external factors such as media, modified and engineered nutrition, false perceptions we are ingraining in our bodies and brains, and a plethora of unforeseen influences all have us operating at a lower frequency. All this information is being fed to the public daily, prohibiting us from getting to that next level of mindset, emotions, physical capabilities, passion, love and overall output in society. I want to expose everyone to their true potential and help them reach peak performance by implementing unorthodox and orthodox habits to their daily routine, stepping outside of their comfort zones to self-consciousness and realization of who they truly are as humans.


I believe strongly in supporting the next generation in setting up good habits for vitality and health. By supporting them in having lifestyles that are healthy, it creates an overall impact on their emotional wellbeing and also on the people around them. This is why I give my time and resources to the following organizations:

USTA – United States Tennis Association – event head volunteer
First Break Academy – 501c3 tennis organization outreach sports program volunteer
Beach Cities Sports – Flag Football Coach
Pasadena Youth Boxing Summer Camp – Fitness director