LEAN28 – Wellness Program

Life changing at home program to completely transform your life in just 4 weeks...

This is the #1 Virtual Wellness Detox Program For Self-Care at Home.

“The LEAN28 helped eliminate the inflammation that wreaked havoc on my body and kept me from being active. I lost 14 pounds in 28 days. I love how clean my body feels, my skin is glowing, my muscles are strong and tone again, my body feels strong and powerful again. My energy is amazing. My focus and clarity is noticeably sharper. I am calmer. I am back to my old self. I cannot praise Tommy and his dedicated detox approach to eating and maintaining a healthy body enough. It’s a life changer.” Peir Serota –Manhattan Beach, CA


This transforming fast results driven 28-day experience is for those exhausted of all the contradictory health information on the market, spending useless time and money without results. The LEAN28 Virtual Series is now reachable for everyone and anyone seeking the EXACT answers to revitalize and upgrade their health, wellness, sexuality, relationships, fitness level and mindset. This is for those that are even short on time.

You WILL bring out the best version of yourself enabling to surpass normal detox and health routines, and move into the world of biohacking. Pushing peak human performance forward for both men and women.

“Through the LEAN28 I lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks. I learned what to and what not to put in my body for optimum health, and the importance of water for detoxification. It has changed my life and my view on how I am working out given my schedule and my needs with two kids and full time job. You don’t need weights and you can do it from your house, office, hotel room, wherever you are. I cannot recommend this program enough; my energy levels are higher and I sleep great!”
Kevin Wellington – St. Louis, MO


Uncommitted people who are not willing to step out of their daily routine to optimize health.


As more fad diets, doctor’s recommendations, and medical theories are reaching our inboxes daily, we become misguided on who we are and where we are supposed to take our health. There is no fix it all pill or nutrition product to cure self-wellness and achieve an instant higher level of health. Society is in a constant state of confusion and I am here to fix it.

LEAN28 Virtual Series will reset your daily habits and hack your lifestyle to reach optimum health in its simplest form. Even if you just want to lose weight or feel better, this is for you. We will be doing a combination of knowledge with direct application to your life to impact your health, wealth and overall relationship to yourself. The detoxing is not just about your body but also about letting go of the things in your life that do not serve you. After working with thousands of clients, I have noticed that all parts affect the whole. In other words, when you change your health you change all areas of your life. I have noticed clients get unexpected results in not just health but money, time, and relationships.


LEAN28 Virtual Series is a progressive 4-week intensive course covering all aspects of wellness: nutrition, fasting, mindset, sleep, supplements, digestion, movement, daily hacks and more. Daily accountability protocols along with my teachings will instill everlasting habits for a lifetime.

The LEAN28 was the reset that I needed. It combined meditation, fitness, food and accountability. I have a ton more energy and less body soreness. It never felt like a sacrifice but more of a gradual progression into a daily practice so I will continue going forward. I now know the dials and choices I need to get back on track after travel or holidays. Also, Tommy 10 video workout are great for travel” Kari Boiler – Manhattan Beach, CA


Week 1

Focus: UNLOAD Week – Clean the Gut

  • Guided Detoxifying – eliminate parasites and bacterial overgrowth in the gut
  • Nutritional Structure – Reset and develop a whole foods diet
  • Eliminate brain fog, digestive issues, and reduce body fat
  • Promote optimal cellular health to optimize energy and aging

Week 2

Focus: RELOAD Week – Healthy Nutrition and Digestion

  • Guided Movement Itinerary – daily workout videos and programming
  • Learn to turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Reduce stress and aging
  • Improve metabolism, increase immunity, and help fight diseases

Week 3

Focus: OPTIMIZE Week – Taking energy to a new level

  • Guided Supplement Protocol – Probiotics, Tart Cherry Juice, and Activated Charcoal
  • Daily digestive and urinary health, alleviate gas and bloating
  • Flush out daily toxins and chemicals in the body to reduce reabsorption
  • Improve muscle recovery, deep REM sleep and reduce inflammation

Week 4

Focus: DEDICATION Week – Live these habits for life!

  • Guided Meditation & Breathing Protocol – bonus weekend teaching
  • Heightened oxygen levels to increase energy and reduce stress levels
  • Increase focus, determination and performance
  • Promote blood flow and release bodily toxins, which aids in healthy sleep


  • Ignite Fat Loss
  • Improve Sleep
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Nutritional Balance
  • Increase Endurance
  • Inspiring Community
  • Preventative Wellness Structures
  • Primal Living


Series of Customized Videos for Ultimate Success

8 Exclusive Customized Workout Videos (30 minutes each)

Facebook Live Q&A

Private Facebook Group (accountability and feedback loop)

Detox Syllabus, Workbooks, and Daily Charts (for you to keep)

Special Supplement Requirements List (must purchase separately)

Daily Journal Guide


Next Group: TBD


Cost – TBD

How do I call in?

All numbers are given in private FB group.

“As a Real Estate Development & Investment owner/operator and married with 3 kids, I never thought I would have the time and commitment to reach my health goals. I just completed the 28-day LEAN28 and lost 12 pounds, an inch off my waist, dramatic energy shift and mental clarity. Overall amazing experience, and it taught me tremendous tools for the future; such as learning how to eat and exercise properly, and showing me what’s important for sustainable health. I highly recommend this program for everyone.” Mike Sansone – St. Louis, MO

What is Tommy’s Bio?

Tommy is a highly motivated, experienced, elite health and fitness trainer, ultra-trail runner and speaker. His sought-after skills help people to optimize their health and wellness to beyond the greatest level they think possible, through biohacking their daily lifestyle and implementing new tactics to achieve greatness.

His passion for the industry began from as early as six years old when he worked out and trained daily for every seasonal sport possible, while also being exposed to good nutrition. He played Division 1 collegiate football for four years at the exclusive Colgate University before diving into the corporate world where he spent five years living and understanding that realm. He then moved to Arizona to start his own wine importing and distribution company but after three years he yearned to pursue his passion for fitness so relocated to California. He became an avid Ultra Trail Runner (competing in multiple 100-mile mountain races), while running a fitness studio where he also became an expert in boxing and started training many high-profile celebrities and athletes.

Throughout those years he always remained true to his disciplined healthy lifestyle which saw him becoming a role model and teacher to CEO’s, executives and peers. Tommy now owns his own gym while also travelling and speaking, sharing his message that everyone can escape whatever pre-disposed façade they have by breaking down the walls around them to expose their true selves. It’s just a matter of implementing how and why they do it, taking them outside of their comfort zones physically, mentally, and emotionally to succeed.



Are the calls recorded in case I miss them?

Yes, all calls are recorded and sent out via email/facebook after the call.

Are there any supplements that tend to enhance the results?

Yes, there is a recommended supplement list that coincides with the daily accountability charts. (not included in the cost)

What if I don’t have Facebook?

You can still participate 100%. Or use a friends/spouses account.

How many people participate in the program? 

We tend to have a range from 15 to 50 people

Can I do this program with my spouse or a group?

Yes, this program can be achieved by yourself or with close family/friends. You will be part of the LEAN28 community for life, thus receiving lots of support.

Do I have to be at a certain fitness or health level to complete this program?

No, the LEAN28 is designed for all fitness and health levels. Anyone can complete this program and achieve amazing results.

How do I pay?

REGISTRATION button on this page or contacting info@tommycassano.com