UltraHuman Coaching



A 3 month ultra-wellness transformation program for CEO’s, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and others already making an impact….

To turn you and your ecosystem inside-out, for maximum advancements towards vitality, life goals, and superhuman health.

Shed the layers of doubt around your health and what’s possible to find your authentic edge in wellness. Learn custom self-discovery challenges that will take you through the layers beyond what’s possible in health as you know it.

This program isn’t for the conventional human; it’s only for those looking to push past their own fears and become the truest version of themselves in their mind, body, and soul.


  • Ask you the hard-hitting questions and tell you like it is, so you can get your health to ultimate freedom, both internally and externally.
  • Learn how to negotiate and influence all parts of yourself when it comes to awakening a greater level of self-awareness, so you can flawlessly re-define and impact your overall wellbeing.
  • Private, non-traditional accountability that will ensure your goals and expectations exceed all pre-disposed thought processes.
  • Develop lifetime skills and habits that will be embedded in your daily system, and eventually run on automation. Saving time, stress, and thought processes to continue next level health. A paradigm shift in your entire ecosystem.
  • Receive a custom tailored program specific to your goals and desires for your body and lifestyle: eating, workout routine, supplements, and those little-known unconventional hacks you can implement in your life.

MAIN AREAS OF FOCUS (custom to client):

  • Deep Detoxification – The cornerstone of a human’s wellness starts in the gut. This deep cleansing will rid not only internal but also external luggage that has been held in the depths of your being for years…
  • Strength + Endurance – Personally programmed fitness workouts and non-traditional movement  structures to develop a body ready to tackle any adventure or rigorous physical task. (goal-oriented)
  • Inner Mindset – Your inner world creates your outer world! We will develop the mindfulness practices that best fit your need, schedule, and lifestyle. Using ancient traditional practices from meditation to breath-work to shift energy, stress levels, & focus.
  • Flexibility & Recovery – As a former collegiate Division 1 football player and current endurance ultra-trail runner, one of the keys to vitality is learning your own body’s stress patterns and timing for recovery. This will be effectively implanted in your 3-month journey to UltraHuman
  • Nutritional Structures – Re-defining your current eating habits to understand the whys and emotional triggers that are preventing change. 70% of body composition is diet. Reversing years of bad habits and ingrained tendencies to consistently develop the structures for a lifestyle of nutritional happiness.

Due to my life purpose of discovering health hacks, speaking, working with incredible groups, and training I only work with 5 clients at a time. It is an application only process. If you are curious to know more, message me and I will send you over an application with more information how the program works.

Check out my testimonials below

Seth Yakatan

“Working with Tommy has changed my entire outlook on health and wellness. Over the past 9 months he has gotten me into the best shape of my life and has left me confident that the changes which I have made are sustainable and positive. I went from 240 over 30% bodyfat to 190 at sub 14% bodyfat in a fun, manageable lifestyle! If you listen, Tommy will deliver the most amazing results you have ever achieved.”

Seth Yakatan - Co-Founder/Partner Katan Associates. Proud Dad of 2
Kassim Gaffar

“I've worked with Tommy for 3 years and it changed my life for the better. He has moved beyond just training, but has incorporated learnings from deep detoxing, mindfulness and new health habits that last and seamlessly fit into my work, parenting and busy life. Healthy habits are easy when you learn what works for you and Tommy has helped me see the simplicity and the importance in the consistency. Tommy will produce results beyond your expectations of what you think healthy means.”

Kassim Gaffar - Principal at Kopernik Global
Mike Sansone

“As a Real Estate Development & Investment owner/operator and married with 3 kids, I never thought I would have the time and commitment to exceed my health goals. I started working with Tommy as an executive client and lost 12 pounds, an inch off my waist, dramatic energy shift and mental clarity within the first month. I continue to learn tremendous tools for the future; such as learning how to eat and exercise properly, and showing me what’s important for sustainable health. I highly recommend Tommy.”

Mike Sansone - Principal at Ridgehouse Capital
Rebecca Soni

"Been training with Tommy for over 3 years through group classes and working together in the gym learning about breath work, body movement, and overall wellness. Highly recommend working with Tommy he is motivating, inspiring, and makes me work real hard."

Rebecca Soni - Rebecca is an American former competition swimmer and breaststroke specialist who is a six-time Olympic medalist. CEO of RISE Athletes
Troy Murphy

"I've had the fortunate experience to work with Tommy on strength training, boxing, nutrition, and biohacking my daily habits. He's a great trainer, love working with him, and highly recommend him."

Troy Murphy - Troy is an American former professional basketball player who last played for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association, and over 12 years in the NBA.
Brendan Braizer

"It was great experiences working out with Tommy. Hard core HIIT and boxing training that gets immediate results."

Brendan Braizer - endurance athlete, author, and creator of the Vega Supplements.
Adam Perry Lang

“I love training with Tommy. He’s the best and pushes me to my next limit every single time.”

Adam Perry Lang - Nationally acclaimed chef and owner of APL Restaurant
Kari Boiler

“I've worked with Tommy for 3 years and have moved beyond just  training, but have incorporated learnings from the dedicated detox, mindfulness and new health habits that last and seamlessly fit into my work, parenting and buys life. Healthy habits are easy when you learn what works for you and Tommy has helped me see the simplicity and the importance in the consistency.”

Kari Boiler - Transformative Life Coach and Mom of 2 Teenagers
Jared Nepa

“Tommy’s programming is a must have for anyone looking to shock the system. With a little commitment and following his regimen, it will go a long way. He changed my life and highly recommend him.”

Jared Nepa - AVP, Divisional Sales Manager at Lincoln Financial Distributors
Jason Sani

“I’ve been working with Tommy for 3 years now. I came to him for help with endurance training and through that vehicle have learned a lot about breathwork and mindset training. He has taken me out of my comfort zone and expanded my possibilities far beyond my true potential. Also always there for accountability!”

Jason Sani - Author and Nutritionist
John Wristbridge

“The additional focus of running my business after 3+ decades really amazed me. The fact that I could’ve been focusing at a higher level day to day and I didn't relate that to detoxing and number systems Tommy puts in place.”

John Wristbridge - Founder/Owner of JPW Associates
Gary Otto

“Working with Tommy over the past few years has been fun and adventurous. He brings a creative and unorthodox approach to fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. Following his philosophy will bring consistent and life changing results.”

Gary Otto - Founder and CFO JH Real Estate Partners
Tiernan Quinn

“Working with Tommy for the last 9 months on and off has completely changed my outlook on health and wellness over the past 9 months. Before starting with Tommy my body was full of tension, stress, neck and back pain. Now 9 months on I am pain free with more energy and in the best shape I have ever been. If you listen to Tommy and follow his simple techniques you will be surprised in how fast you will get positive and lasting results, I cannot recommend Tommy's work enough.”

Tiernan Quinn - Owner of Green Civil Con Australia
Joshua Busby

“I have recently completed Tommy Cassano’s detox and lost a little over 20 lbs. Since working with him my depression is gone and I am thinking more pure and clearly every day. I’ve even gotten into a routine of running which I never thought I would. Tommy saved my life.”

Joshua Busby - Sr. Real Estate Manager
Amanda Porter

“Tommy is an exceptional wellness trainer. He has a wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience and really gets to know you to help you from the inside out. Being a busy professional it’s essential to take care of your mind, body and soul, the results improve every aspect of life and I’ve noticed first hand (increase in energy, focus, sharpness). I’m grateful for Tommy’s help with nutrition, wellness and fitness programming.”

Amanda Porter - Head of Marketing for ALO Yoga